Emotions caught in routines become just motions.


A famous photographer once said that a photograph is a lie. Well yes it is, but for me the truth is the viewers interpretation. It's always interesting to see how people understand and see pictures differently. Some look at the composition and light and some are more interested in the context and some interpret them on a philosophical level.

I try to capture the mundane in the everyday life... with a twist. I've been photographing Copenhagen since 2009 and the more I'm on the streets the more addicted I get. For me the mundane is interesting because it's life. It's the small things in life that I'm looking for. It might be two little girls playing in an ally, a man walking his dogs or even a woman smoking while waiting for a train. The twist is only in my mind... apparently!

For me it was a revelation to go outside and see the world through a street  photographers eyes. It's so satisfying to see that all those sociological theories I've learned actually are happening in real life... on the streets. We all have a story to tell and how do we tell those without writing about it or talking about it? The mundane interests me because all of us are effected by these modern times. We are all in a hurry to go from A to B. And most of the time we just focus on the destination rather than the journey. We have become lonely travelers in our daily routines. But sometimes... someone or some people break those routines and rules. I'm hunting those small gaps in the daily routines where some magic appears.

Of course I can't describe peoples stories with just a click with a camera. But I try to capture a story that I found beautiful at that moment without any prejudice. The more I'm on the street the more I feel to be part of something bigger... life.

Nabaz Anwar.